Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery

The Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery

The Salam Centre is run and managed by the Italian based humanitarian organisation EMERGENCY.
Since April 2007, the Centre provides high standard, free of charge paediatric and adult cardiac surgery.



Each one of the three operating theatres is equipped with anesthesia machines Fabius GS, Infinity Delta monitors, S III extracorporeal circulation system, Alphastar operating tables, Sola 500+300 surgical lamps, and absolute filters. The ICU, with 15 beds, is equipped with Evita 4 ventilators, Infinity Delta monitors, Prisma hemofiltration systems and CS100 aortic counterpulsators.


The Salam Centre is equipped with GE Vivid 3 echocardiographs with pediatric and adult trans-esophageal probes, Proteus XR/i fixed and mobile X-ray Units. The Catheterization Laboratory is equipped with an Innova 2100 machine. A CT scan is about to be installed. 

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